Asset Import / Export


Pragma comes with the following export capabilities:

Exporting Assets

If you want to export a model or material, the easiest way to do so is via the Filmmaker interface. Simply open the model/material catalog, right click on the model icon, then click "Export asset":


If you want to export a different asset type, or need more control, you can use the export command utility instead. To use it, start a game in Pragma first. You can either load a map (which map doesn't matter), or run "map empty" in the console. Once the map has been loaded, you can use the "util_export_asset" console command with the following parameters:

Models only:

If you want to use Pragma to export Source Engine assets, you generally don't have to copy any of the assets to Pragma, the Engine should be able to locate the assets automatically as long as they're part of one of your installed Source Engine games on Steam.


Usage Examples

Exporting a material (including textures):

util_export_asset -material "brick/brick_1a" -verbose -image_format png

Exporting a texture:

util_export_asset -texture "concrete/concrete_5_floor_3_psd_918fcd2d" -verbose -image_format png

Exporting a map:

util_export_asset -map "gm_construct" -verbose -export_images 1 -image_format png -generate_ao 0 -export_animations 0

Exporting a model:

util_export_asset -model "props_2fort/tank001" -verbose -image_format png -generate_ao 0

(Make sure to remove the ".mdl" extension!)

Exporting a Source 2 model:

util_export_asset -model "characters/gman/gman" -verbose -image_format png -generate_ao 0

Batch-exporting all models in a directory and all sub-directories:

util_export_asset -model "props_2fort" -verbose -image_format png -generate_ao 0 -recursive 1


Exporting retargeted models

This section refers to PFM v0.4.3 and newer and may not be representative of older versions.

It is also possible to export a model with retargeted animations (i.e. export a model with the animations of another model.):