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Asset type File location Supported formats
Model models pmdl, pmdl_b, mdl, vmdl_c, glTF, glb, wmd
Material materials pmat, pmat_b, vmt, vmat_c, wmi
Texture materials dds, ktx, vtf, vtex_c, png, tga, jpg, bmp, psd, gif, hdr, pic
Map maps pmap, pmap_b, bsp, vmf, vmap_c, wld
Particle particles pptsys, pptsys_b
Navigation file maps pnav, pnav_b
Sound file sounds wav, ogg, mp3
Configuration file cfg, scripts, data txt, udm
Savegame   psav, psav_b
Shader shaders gls, spv
PFM project file projects


SFM session file elements/sessions


Green formats are Pragma's primary formats, which are based on Pragma's UDM format. The _b variant denotes the binary version, without the suffix the ASCII version. Either version can be losslessly converted to the other using the "udm_convert" console command.

Red formats are not directly supported, but can be imported, in which case they are automatically converted to the equivalent Pragma format.

Striked-through formats are legacy formats, which may or may not still be supported, but should be avoided.

Bold formats are recommended over alternatives.




All 3D meshes are

animations, etc.



The pmap format contains level information, such as entities, BSP data, lightmap information, etc. It does not contain any level geometry, which is instead stored in separate model files located in "models/maps/<mapName>/...".

AI navigation data is also stored in a separate file in the pnav format. It is not generated automatically, but can be generated using the "nav_generate" console command. If a pnav file exists, it will automatically be loaded on map load.


Pragma supports a wide variety of texture types, however for performance and compatibility reasons, dds with BCn compression is recommended. Using image formats without GPU-supported texture compression may come with a severe performance penalty.

Textures are usually used in conjunction with materials.


Location: materials

Supported formats: pmat, pmat_b, vmt, wmi

Materials in Pragma have the file extension "pmat" and "pmat_b". Vmt materials are also supported, but should only be used for import purposes. Occasionally you may also see "wmi" materials, which is a legacy format and should be avoided.

Material files can be opened and edited in a text-editor (with the exception of "pmat_b"). Every material has a single base block,


Navigation files contain nav meshes required for AI to properly navigate on maps. Without a nav-mesh file, NPCs may run into walls and get stuck on obstacles frequently.

A nav-mesh file can be generated using the "nav_generate" console command after loading the map for which to generate it for.


Location: particles

Supported formats: pptsys, pptsys_b

Sound Files




Configuration Files