pragma_logo_256.pngWhat is Pragma?

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Pragma is a free, open source custom game engine written in C++. Here is an overview over some of its core features:

  • Support for various Source Engine and Source 2 assets, such as: maps, models, materials, textures, sound-script files and particle systems
  • Extensive modding support with Lua (with Live-coding, debugging-support with the ZeroBrane IDE, support for custom shaders, custom entities/weapons/NPCs/vehicles, etc)
  • Support for PBR (physically based rendering)
  • Support for the Cycles-renderer (the same as used by Blender)
  • Multiplayer-support, including dedicated servers
  • Steam Workshop support
  • VR support
  • Support for the Bullet and PhysX physics engines
  • Support for OpenGL and Vulkan
  • AI-system based on behavior trees
  • Entity-component-system
  • Steam Audio support for spatial audio
  • etc.

Pragma is currently in an early beta, some features may not be fully functional at the moment or are unfinished/experimental.


Pragma also ships with the Pragma Filmmaker, an open source alternative to the Source Filmmaker.

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