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Pragma Engine

Downloading and Importing Assets

Pragma Filmmaker Custom Assets

This article refers to PFM v0.4.3 and newer and may not be representative of older versions. Pra...

May 2022 Progress Report

Supporters Posts

GitHub Beta Releases First things first, a few changes on how I'll be doing beta releases in the...

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Getting Started

Pragma Filmmaker

Installation and Setup Pragma does not need to be installed. All you have to do is download it h...

Depth of Field

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

Depth of Field is currently only available for the Pragma renderer. To add a depth of field ef...

Motion Blur

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

Motion blur is currently only available for the Pragma renderer. PFM supports both per-object ...

Virtual Reality

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

PFM allows you to easily render image sequences for VR videos: (Click and drag your left mouse...

HDRI Skies

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

If you want to use a sky in your scene, you can do so by using a HDRI sky texture. PFM already sh...

Pragma Renderer

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

Please see the Rendering Animations workflow for information on how to use the Pragma renderer.

Live Preview

Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

If you're planning on using Cycles X or LuxCoreRender for rendering, you can enable the live rayt...


Pragma Filmmaker Custom Assets


Pragma Filmmaker Rendering

Pragma currently only supports rendering image sequences, which means you still need a video edit...


Pragma Filmmaker User Interface

The viewport window provides a real-time preview of your scene which you can interact with to sel...

Actor Editor

Pragma Filmmaker User Interface

The actor editor window is where you can add new actors to your scene, or change actor properties...

Graph Editor

Pragma Filmmaker User Interface

The Graph Editor () is where you can animate actors and actor properties: Animating Properties...