HDRI Skies

If you want to use a sky in your scene, you can do so by using a HDRI sky texture. PFM already ships with a few different HDRI skies, but you can also find plenty for free online, such as on https://hdri-skies.com/ or https://hdrihaven.com. Custom HDRIs should be extracted to Pragma/addons/filmmaker/materials/skies/.

To use a HDRI sky, all you have to do is add a sky actor to your scene. Click the create_actor_button.png-button in the actor editor and select New sky. If the option is not available, you probably already have a sky actor in your scene (only one is allowed).

You can change the sky texture by clicking the pfm_sky component of the sky actor and changing the skyTexture property. The choice of HDRI texture can have a significant effect on the lighting conditions in your scene when rendering with one of the raytracing renderers. The lighting influence intensity of the sky is controlled through the strength property.

HDRI skies can be used with the Pragma renderer as well, but in this case they currently only work if the map has a skybox.

Sky Orientation

The position of the sky does not matter, but you can change the rotation of the sky with the rotation_tool.png-tool. This property can also be animated, which you can use to give the impression of moving clouds.