PFM crashes since a recent update

If you can still get to the main menu, try running "clear_cache", then restart the Engine. If it still crashes, you can report your problem on the Discord server.


My SFM project doesn't appear in the project browser

If you want to import a SFM project file, make sure to choose "File -> Import..." from the menu bar instead of "File -> Open...". If your project still doesn't appear, and it is located in a custom user directory ("SourceFilmmaker/game/<custom>/..."), you will have to open the "cfg/mounted_games.txt" file, locate the "sfm" entry and add the custom user path to the "game_paths" section.


The animations from my SFM project don't play correctly

PFM does currently not support IK rigs. If your SFM project uses IK rigs, you will have to detach them in SFM before loading it in PFM for the time being:



PFM freezes when loading a project

Importing a project for the first time can take several minutes or more, during which Pragma may appear frozen. This is normal and should only be the case the first time you load the project.


I can't move in the viewport

To move in the viewport, make sure the "Work Camera" is selected instead of the scene camera. Then right click into the viewport, hold the right mouse button down and move with WASD and the mouse.


I get a black viewport after opening a project

Make sure you've loaded the right map before loading the project, PFM is currently not able to switch to the project's map automatically.


I get visual artifacts on a model in the viewport / when rendering with Cycles


If you get artifacts like the ones above, it means your model is most likely using a method called "fake PBR". This is used in some models to create a PBR-like effect in Source (which doesn't support actual PBR), but is incompatible with Pragma and Cycles.